Password Door


Add passwords to your PC programs


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With this simple tool, you can protect access to both the programs installed on your computer and all the Windows applications and tools containing sensitive information that might be revealed if you do not control access to them.

Password Door asks you during installation to specify the default password you want to set up to enter the password configurations panel. In addition, this same password will be the preset one for the programs and apps that you decide to protect.

If, on the other hand, you prefer that each password be different, you only have to view the information panel for each program to be able to configure a new password that will be valid only for that program and other types of questions such as whether to override the blocking of that application at any time.

In addition, if a program does not appear in the search list of installed programs that Password Door creates automatically, you also have the option to search for the application manually if you know the folder where it's located.

Trial version is fully functional for 14 days.

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